Books, philosophical reading and jazz hints by Dan Haerle

Method Books by Dan Haerle

Jazz-Rock Voicings for the Contemporary Keyboard Player - Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.

An intermediate method for jazz and rock keyboard players. Provides information and application of chords, principles of chord functions and substitutions.

Scales for Jazz Improvisation - Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.

21 scales in all twelve keys, treble and bass clef. A compendium of the various scales used by the jazz greats.

Jazz Improvisation for Keyboard Players in three volumes (or complete) - Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.

A book that deals with creating melodies, the left hand, soloing, chord progressions, scale choices, harmonic conception, melodic implication of scale forms and scale generation of unconventional voicings.

Jazz Tunes for Improvisation in two volumes (with Matteson & Petersen) - Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.

Two books of tunes written by Dan Haerle, Jack Petersen and Rich Matteson.The tunes are based on chord progressions that are typical of many jazz compositions. Each book includes a CD of practice tracks which have guitar and/or piano comping plus bass and drums.

The Jazz Language - Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.

All the materials commonly used by jazz musicians for composing or improvisation. Included are exercises for writing, keyboard and ear-training.
The Jazz Sound - Hal Leonard

An improvisation book that emphasizes the analysis of tunes for understanding factors that contribute to choosing chord/scales.

Jazz Piano Voicing Skills - JA Music

A graded course on piano voicing skills, starting with simple block chords and progressing through fourthy voicings and polychords. Includes 123 skills in all twelve keys. Each chapter includes concise instructions for the teacher or student. The book is intended for use by either individuals or classes.

Jazz Improvisation, A Pocket Guide - JA Music

A concise summary of the materials and techniques needed to play jazz.

Magic Motives - JA Music

A method for developing jazz vocabulary

The Essential Jazz Harmony Book - JA Music

"Jazz harmony is based on the European classical tradition. Jazz musicians have expanded on
that tradition and it now encompasses an ever-widening array of musical sounds. This book
expands on many books that have been written and is an excellent composite for the budding
jazz musician." ~ Jamey Aebersold

Questions & Answers - JA Music

“Dan has compiled a book devoted to a variety of musical subjects. Included is the analysis of eight tunes for improvisation and entries covering practice, repertoire, ear-training, group playing, comping, guide tones, and modal improv. In addition, there are sections devoted to psychological preparation for performance and philosophical attitudes towards being a professional musician. Lastly, there is autobiographic material about his career in music, his development as a teacher and player, and anecdotes about his musical experiences.”
Jamey Aebersold

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Philosophical reading material

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Why Music?

Parting Thoughts - Some Ideas for Music Students

Things you can learn from a dog

The Dalai Lama on 2001

Tuning In - David Liebman

Salutation to the Dawn

Who Is Remembered?

A Creed to Live By

All I Really Need to Know - Robert Fulgham

Success - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Things I've Learned

Just For Today - Resolutions


You Always Have Choices - Dan Haerle

The Small Group Creed - Dan Haerle

Jazz Hints by Dan Haerle

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Analysis of Jazz Tunes

Basic Improvisation Facts

Blues Progression and the Blues Scale

Brief Summary of Jazz Scale Use

Dan Haerle Tunes

Digital II-V-I patterns

Diminished Scales

Dominant 7th Scales

Five-part Arrangement

Guide Tone Paths

Group Playing

Instrumental Technique in Performance

It's All About 1/2 Steps

Jazz Piano Chord Voicings

Jazz Piano Chord Voicings 2

Magic Motives Clinic

Magic Voicings

Magic Voicings 2

Modal Improvisation

Motive Exercises

Pianist's Basic Responsibilities

Piano Voicings for Tunes

Polychord Chord-Scale Relationships

Practice Suggestions

Wynton's 12 Ways to practice

Scale Choices for Improvisation

Shell Voicings

Theory Versus the Ear in Jazz

Thoughts on Comping

Three-part Arrangement

Three-part Arrangement 2

II-V-I Progression

Tune Preparation

Understanding a Tune For Improvisation

Why Major Modes?