MyMusicMasterclass Videos


Below you will find links to teasers for each of my instructional videos. In these videos, I discuss the topics and play examples. When I play the examples, you will see the music notation above and my hands on the keyboard below. I hope you find these videos helpful. Please don't hesitate to contact me if there is something in a video that I didn't explain clearly enough!

Undertanding a Tune - In this video, I go through all the aspects of a tune to consider when making choices of scales for improvisation. The video includes an analysis of one of my tunes that covers five main considerations.

Analyzing Tunes - This video is an in-depth application of the concepts in Video 1. I analyze two of my tunes and play them.

Using Guide Tones - This is a discussion of guide tones that move through a chord progression and can be used as anchor tones for improvisation.

Magic Voicings - This video explains the use of a voicing structure that is idiomatic to jazz and very versatile. The video shows how it can be used with several different kinds of chords and modes.

It's All About Half Steps - This video discusses half step motion both within one scale and between chords in a progression.

Magic Motives - This video shows how to develop more jazz vocabulary to use when improvising solos. It is based on five-note scales which are the source of licks that can be used in numerous places on a variety of chords.



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